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The Art Extravaganza is Back!

After four years without an Art Show, due primarily to Covid and the lack of a viable space, the American Canyon Arts Foundation produced its signature Art Extravaganza show, along with a cultural program entitled: “Cultural Diversity Through Art, Dance and Food.”

The show was held in the City’s new Napa Junction Community Center’s Multi-Purpose Room, on April 12-13.  Friday night was the opening of the show and the Artist’s Reception; the actual show and cultural program was on Saturday, April 13.

A painting of a person playing a banjo and birds

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We had 35 entries from 17 artists.  Judging the art was Dennis Ariza and Sebastien Pridmore.  Best of Show went to Jaime Salazar for his piece entitled “Three Little Birds.”  

Other artists receiving recognition included the following:

PaintingFirstJaime SalzarFrida Kay-Loh
SecondThomas Ellis JacksonFishing on the Congo River #2
ThirdElizabeth SabeeItalian Still Life
PhotographyFirstDouglas AdamsThe Running Monk
SecondJohn ComiskyWhale Tale 2
ThirdPatti KruegerBirds of a Feather
Mixed MediaFirstEric SabeeValkyrie

The cultural program was funded in large part from a grant by the Arts Council Napa Valley.  Three groups were recognized:  the Philippines, Mexico and India.  In addition to the dances, there were ethnic foods to match.  

Art Extravaganza

The show itself was a success, and we were pleased at the turnout.  Moving forward, we plan to combine our next Art Extravaganza with a new musical program—ParkFest!  But that will be next year!

To see more photos from the event, go to our Photo Gallery below:

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